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Experience of the Company
It us takes pleasure in presenting the company of Environmental Consultants and Other services S.A. (CAM.S.A.), which offers solutions of engineering, consultancy and environmental management to satisfy the needs or requirements of companies and governments, with the aim to promote the use of the knowledge and the best available technology to make compatible the development of our clients.
We are born of the need to complete programs of advising offer him to the national and foreign investor, with the interest of assuring his investment as for costs and times, with regard to the processing of governmental permissions and internal managing of the companies.
We have as principal aim answer of effective form to the opportunities that our clients offer to us, contributing knowledge and technology to satisfy his specific needs, seeking of this form to generate a commercial link and a relation in the long term, bearing to that our clients see us as strategic allies in the execution of his plans of development.

The company CAM.S.A., it offers environmental and economic solutions to realize, from advising for the buy and sale of lands, planning and design of projects, processing of governmental permissions, studies of environmental impact and environmental audits, up to environmental administration of projects.